“Good morning, God. What have you got planned for me today?”



I don’t recall what radio station I was listening to today when I heard a young woman saying that this was her prayer every morning as she started her day.

In fact, I had forgotten I’d heard it at all until it came back to me as I was praying tonight.

But… what a great way to begin every morning!  With the anticipation and belief that sometime during each day you will be placed in situations that are clear opportunities to help someone, serve someone, witness to someone, or just show the love of Jesus Christ to someone.

As Christians, these oportunities come to us every day; but if we start our day off believing that these opportunities will happen, we’ll look for them all day, no matter what we’re doing — at our workplace, the gas station, the grocery store, the library, the recycling center, walking down the street, our kid’s after school activity, or wherever you find yourself during the day.  There’s opportunities to partner with God to do something great and truly meaningful.

So, maybe tomorrow start your day by asking, “What have you got planned for me today, God?” and let him take your day where He wants it to go.

One thought on ““Good morning, God. What have you got planned for me today?”

  1. I’m so glad you shared this on your blog!! It really is very inspirational…and could make a huge impact on the lives of those who choose to practice it!

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