Finding Fault

I had brunch this morning with a great bunch of women from my church, and one of them shared that she (like myself) collects quotes.  In fact, she said she took a college course that required her to collect them.  She said her professor used to add a few to his lectures as a test to see which students would catch them.

So, I’ve added a new category to my blog — Quotepourri — (which I think will be really cool!!!) where I’ll share whatever amusing, thought-provoking, or memorable quotes come my way.

Today I heard the following from Lynne Rosetta Casper, host of  “The Elegant Table” on Public Radio:

“Marriage is like living in California; when you find a fault, don’t dwell on it.”

Great thought!  Hope it at least makes you smile like it did for me.  It’s hanging on my refrigerator (at least for a while).

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